Focus on You

Yesterday, I had a realization yesterday that I wanted to share with the hopes that some of you that are in the same boat might benefit. Every Sunday, I go on a morning walk to clear my head, take time to unwind, and listen to a few podcasts that help me stay motivated throughout my week. Yesterday was like every other Sunday, except lately I have been having second thoughts about my degree, and the path I have chosen to get to graduate school. I’ve never been one to do the bare minimum in life whether it be school, fitness, etc. While I know that what I am doing to get to grad school is more than enough, I still feel like I am losing. I have friends taking classes like cell bio, genetics, and physics at the same time while I’m “just” taking biochemistry. I’m taking 15 credits, working 10-20 hours a week, doing research 5-10 hours a week, and still finding the time to read motivational books. Yet, I still feel I am not doing enough.

In the midst of these thoughts running through my mind yesterday, I turned on my podcasts and began to walk only to find the coming episodes would be exactly what I needed to hear. The first two podcasts were by Amanda Bucci on her show Bucci Radio. The first spoke about putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and surrounding yourself with people that will help you level up, things I had realized last week by attending Catholic Bulls Night and meeting new people. But the second one was the one that really hit me. Titled “Total Life Transformation”, this episode featured an entrepreneur named Christina Sullivan who spoke about her transformation from a girl in an abusive relationship fighting an uphill mental battle to an icon that helps others live healthier lives. Listening to her made me realize that I honestly believe that “I was put on this earth to help other people achieve their goals of living a healthful life”. When I heard her say this, it hit me that we are all put on this earth for a unique and individual reason. We all face challenges in life. We all bring something with us that others do not have. Do I know what that “why” is yet? Of course not, but it made me realize something. It’s okay if I am not taking quantum dynamics or analytical chemistry because you know what? Those people have different goals than me, and I don’t need those classes to be the best registered dietitian I can be. I need to help people. I need to spend my time taking classes related to nutrition and getting experience because that is what will make me the best me.

Then came the final podcast by The Nick Bare Show on the topic of losing. Nick is an ex-army Ranger who built a multimillion dollar supplement company starting in college. He worked on it for years despite constantly losing money each quarter until this Spring when his company took off. Now he is blazing a new trail in this industry unlike anything that has been done before. In this episode he talks about how every morning he wakes up wondering what he can do next that will set him apart from the competition. What can he do to be different? He thinks about this 24/7 even amidst scoring new deals with companies like Amazon because he always feels like he is losing. He always feels like he needs to do more and this is for one very good reason: the moment you become complacent in life is the moment you fall behind.

So taking these messages and applying them to my own life, I realized it’s okay that I feel like I am losing, but it is also okay that I am not doing what everyone else is doing. Actually, it’s good because as long as I achieve my goals and keep setting my eyes on the next target, I’m actually doing what I need to be doing. I guess the moral of this super long post is to do you, be confident in yourself and your path, but never become complacent and always shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you’ll land on the stars and that’s still more than most people can say.

And to finish, here’s a prayer that was part of my devotional yesterday: “God, thank You for Your promises and gifts. Help me not dishonor You when I ask for molehills where You have promised mountains. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.”

Have a great day guys.

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