Friday Fuel – Attitude


Hey guys! Welcome to Friday Fuel, a weekly post filled with motivation, support, and a little nutrition education to get you through the weekend. Every once in a while, it’s nice to set some time aside to reflect on where we are in life amidst the chaos and ask ourselves some reflective questions. This week I want to take a moment to talk about attitude, the quality that dictates how we handle and respond to situations, ideas, and people.

So often do we get caught up in our lives that we forget the people we interact with on a daily basis also have their own lives with their own problems. I see friends, family, and the overall population approach every situation like the world is out to get them. Everything is someone else’s fault, but never their own. They live their life in a constant state of anger, and to tell you the truth, I used to be one of those people. I never understood why everything bad was happening to me. I could not fathom why people drove under the speed limit; why the person in front of me just couldn’t hold the door for me; and why the man at McDonald’s always put onions on my burger when I specifically asked for it WITHOUT onions. I mean how hard is it to just get it right? I would let one small incident dictate how my entire day went.

I can’t help but smile as I write this because it seems so silly now that I look back on it. I lived in a constant state of frustration for years because I let other people control my life. To tell you the truth, I don’t know when I decided to change my attitude, but boy am I glad I did. I stopped letting the little things affect my whole day. I took a moment to step back and reflect before I responded. Let’s take the onion man at McDonald’s for example. Maybe he didn’t hear me ask for no onions because he was busy thinking about how he was going to pay his electric bill tomorrow because he only makes minimum wage. On top of that, he might have a family to support and provide for. Now, is taking the onions off my burger really that big of a deal when I consider his situation? Not at all. At least I can afford to go to McDonald’s and order one, which is more than most people can say.

Changing your attitude really isn’t that hard. If I had any advice on how to start, it would be taking a moment at the end of every day to figure out what made you upset and why it did. Why did you let that little thing drive your attitude for the whole day? Was it something out of your control? If it was in your control, how can you prevent it from happening again, and how can you approach it differently next time? The next morning, take 5 minutes to get yourself in the right mindset. Read a motivational quote or a devotional, journal, pray, etc. Take that new attitude and tackle your day. There will be things in life that will get you down, but after you learn how to change your attitude towards the little things, taking on the bigger difficulties will be much easier.

This is not a cure-all, and I am not perfect. I still fall victim to this mindset from time to time (*cough cough* driving on I-4), but I guarantee you that you will feel at peace more often than not. Personally, I’ve found I am a more productive person now. I don’t spend my time thinking about the bad, and it has freed up a lot of mental space. I find I can pay more attention to moments with my family and friends. I sleep better. I experience true happiness.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to start. Take charge and start today. Remember, struggles will happen, but it’s the way you approach them now that will dictate your future.

Take aways:

  • Don’t let other peoples’ attitudes dictate the way your day goes and how you feel.
  • Take a moment to step back and reflect before you respond.
  • Approach hard times with an optimistic attitude and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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