Finding Joy in the Little Things

Hey all! Welcome to the start of a new week. There’s just one more week until Thanksgiving, my favorite time of the year. While the copious amounts of food are part of the reason for my excitement, I have to say that the best part is getting to see all my family. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in the grandiose moments these days. Our society is always telling us to go faster and reach for more…the bigger house, the promotion, the bonus, etc. We are always chasing something and looking for happiness in those magnificent achievements. When we attain those goals, it’s the best feeling in the world, but before you know it you’ve moved on. You’ve set your sight on whatever is next. So when you slow down to think about it, do those accomplishments really bring you that much joy?

I’d like to make a distinction here because I believe that joy and happiness are two different characteristics. Happiness is that momentary rush we get when we achieve a goal. It’s that feeling we get when we buy a new laptop, car, phone, or any material item. It’s fleeting. It comes and goes. But joy, joy is that warm feeling you get when you’re making lasting memories with your family and friends. It’s the sincere impression being in church gives you. It’s the laughter that brings you to tears. It’s the sense of calm you get when you watch the beaming sun set on the horizon. It’s lasting. It’s passionate.

So when you think about it, those extravagant accomplishments are great for a little while, but they have nothing on those that illicit joy. If you can’t take the time to appreciate the little things in your life, how can you truly value the bigger ones? You can’t. That’s why I love Thanksgiving. It reminds us to slow down and remember what is important in our lives. It reminds us to find joy in the memories we create and reminisce on the power of family.

I think this is especially important to remember this week as we prepare for Thanksgiving. Moms and dads are racing to prepare homes for company, students are rushing to complete assignments, and the world seems hectic. I promise you that slowing down to watch the sunset or even just taking time to ponder the memories that will be created next week will bring you a little bit of peace. So as we move through this week, let us all take a moment every day to find joy in the little things.

Take Aways:

  • The momentary gratification material things give us will dissipate quickly.
  • Joy is everlasting; happiness is fleeting.
  • Take a moment to slow down, appreciate what you have, and find joy in the memories Thanksgiving brings.

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