How I Combat Adversity

After checking in with my clients this weekend, I found a common theme…everyone is sick! Getting ill is always a bummer. You feel gross, you feel like can’t accomplish your daily goals, and you just want to go back to bed. Worst of all, life doesn’t slow down when you get sick, which makes it hard to get anything done. Over the years, I’ve found a way to stay on my A game even when the going gets tough. The beauty about this tool is that it can be applied to any difficult situation whether it is sickness or any other setback. So, here we go…

Remember Your Goals

Our minds are great tools that help us accomplish amazing things, and they are also our greatest barriers to success. Any successful person can attest to this. You see the body likes to be comfortable. It likes to take the easy route because that is how we have survived over the centuries. It’s how man endured, despite the countless predators it faced in the wilderness. That’s all fine and dandy, but we don’t necessarily live in that world anymore. We live in a time where we can accomplish anything if we dedicate ourselves to it.

I think a lot of people have come to realize this, which is why getting sick (or any bump in the road) is such a disappointment. It’s easy to let your greatest tool bring you down, but you can beat it. It’s in these situations that you need to remember your goals. Instead of thinking about how this predicament is a setback, try thinking about how you can benefit from it.

If you’re a manager who wants to be the most successful boss, maybe this is your chance to practice delegating tasks to your coworkers or employees. The most effective managers are those who know which tasks require their expertise and which can be accomplished by their employees. Not only this, delegating work gives others a chance to learn and grow. As a boss, helping others prosper should be one of your main objectives.

If you’re a student athlete who wants to be the best runner, swimmer, etc. on the team, take this time to let your body recover. Remembering that the most successful athletes preach the importance of rest can help you keep a positive mindset. What I like to do when this happens is dedicate the time I would normally spend working out to helping my muscles heal. This could be through icing, rolling out problem areas, etc.

Bumps in the road are not always as bad as we make them seem. They can be chances for us to dedicate time to areas we neglect and sharpen worn out skills. They can be chances for us to grow mentally. Life is all about how we respond to adversity because it’s in those moments that we shape who we truly are.

“Throw me to the wolves, and I’ll come back leading the pack.” ~Unknown

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