Why I’m Striving for Happiness – 3 Tips

I had a realization this week…life’s so much better when you smile 🙂 I guess I’ve always known that, but I never really took it to heart until now. Many people that know me are aware that I typically walk around with a stoic expression. It’s not that I’m upset or anything, it’s just the way I look. Earlier in the week though, I was walking to class and a memory came to mind that lit up my face. In the midst of reminiscing, I noticed every person that saw me smiling instantly lit up, too! And you know what? It made me feel really good about myself. I even got a little chill!

Some of you are probably laughing about how obvious this is, but I just never really took the time to notice it. So, I decided to do a little experiment over the course of the week. It was quite simple actually…in between classes, I would walk around with a smile, or just a generally happy expression, and see how people reacted to it. Turns out, most people actually smile back! What’s even crazier is that just by smiling, I found I was generally happier than usual.

Not gonna lie, I loved the feeling. Seeing everyone else light up made me feel good inside. Even when I faced setbacks or bad news, I told myself that everything happens for a reason, and there’s absolutely no reason why I should let it ruin my day. I’ve said this over and over again: life’s a journey. There are ups and downs, twists and turns. The only thing I can do is go along for the ride and embrace everything that happens. When I remind myself of this, more specifically when I choose happiness, my view on life changes drastically. It makes going through each day that much easier and enjoyable.

When I decided to strive for happiness earlier in the week, I noticed there were three things that made accomplishing it so much easier:

  1. Being Childish
    • Explore possibilities.
    • Have fun and appreciate the little things.
    • Laugh!
  2. Having Confidence
    • You are who you are. Stop trying to change that.
    • Love your body and what it can do.
    • Embrace your strengths and own your weaknesses.
    • Know that you can conquer whatever life throws at you.
  3. Embracing Failure
    • Life’s not always going to go according to plan, that’s okay.
    • Sometimes failure happens for a reason. Find that reason, pick yourself up, and try again.
    • How you respond to failure makes you who you are.

I hope these three happiness cues help you as much as they helped me. Do you have strategies for staying happy when the going gets tough? Comment below!

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