The King and The Prize – A Call to Serve

Something I heard over the weekend caught my attention…

“There once was a king who built a Great Wall surrounding his kingdom. It took many years to construct, so when it was finished the king decided to hold a celebration. He put a challenge to his people in the form of a race. The citizens were to run on the road surrounding the new wall to compete for an unknown prize.

On race day, many people gathered to run the race in hopes of winning the prize. The king set them off, and hours later the first group crossed the finish line. They unhappily approached the king saying, ‘My king, as we were running the race, we approached an area covered with much rock, rubble, and debris. It hindered our journey greatly.’ Many other finishers approached the king in the same manner. They all commented how poorly the wall was built, since the rubble had clearly fallen from it.

At the end of the day, the last participant finished the race. He looked very dirty and tired. He approached the king saying, ‘My king, as I was running the race, I approached a spot with much rock, rubble, and debris. I decided to take my time and clear it, so that others may not be hurt. As I was doing so, I uncovered a box full of gold coins. So my king, I bring it to you to give to its rightful owner.’

The king responded, ‘The box of gold is yours. You have won the challenge.’”

We all have a purpose in this life. We are all called to serve others in some way, shape, or form. We are all called to leave this earth in a better place than we found it.

Anyone can be a good doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc., but what makes a great doctor, lawyer, or accountant is the legacy they leave behind. It’s the service and selflessness they demonstrated while in their roles. It’s the fact that they go the extra mile, like the final participant in the story.

Take a moment to think about the one or two people you admire.

You don’t admire them because they are beautiful or wealthy. You admire them for what they’ve done and who they are. They’ve lived a selfless life; one dedicated to the needs of those around them rather than their own. In short, they are truly good people.

We live in a time when so many people are unhappy. They find no pleasure in what they do. They find no pleasure at home, no pleasure at work, and no pleasure in faith. Maybe you’re one of these people.

I was for many years, until I started clearing the road for those behind me.

Living a selfless life doesn’t mean you need to sell all your possessions and live in a tent. It simply means living for someone other than yourself. It means going the extra mile to make sure those around you are well taken care of.

You can start by giving your time and energy to areas of life that are important to you. Even just dedicating an hour or two a week to your passion can put you on the path to a life of service.

I started writing short blog posts almost 9 months ago because I thought it would be fun. Now, its a full-time hobby. I’ve realized sharing the written word with people is a part of my purpose. Yeah, I love sharing my thoughts, but that’s not reason enough for me to take the time to do this twice a week. The real reason I’m so dedicated is because I know that what I write could turn someone’s day around. It could make them look at something a different way or tug at their heartstrings. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing I impacted someone. That makes it all worth it.

I challenge you to take some time for self-discovery over the next few days. I bet you’ll be able to find what you’re purpose is. Too often we get caught up in the mantra of life that we forget to slow down, close our eyes, and be honest with ourselves. We forget to rekindle the fire that’s present within all of us…

And who knows, maybe reigniting that flame will help you find hidden treasure along the way 🙂

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