We’ve Got It All Wrong

Wow! What a weekend. What I thought was going to be an easy move turned into a weekend long ordeal. It’s now Sunday night and the place is just as cluttered as it was Saturday morning. There are boxes on top of boxes and bits and pieces of random things scattered throughout the apartment... But … Continue reading We’ve Got It All Wrong

If I Could Do It Over Again…100th Post + Life Update

Hey everyone! It’s finally here! Today marks my 100th post. I’m truly lost for words...ten months ago I started this blog with the intent of helping people with nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Ten months later, I’m doing nothing of that sort! Sure, we could probably call what I talk about now “wellness”, but I prefer … Continue reading If I Could Do It Over Again…100th Post + Life Update

I’m Setting Boundaries

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but the week flew by for me, which is good and bad. Good because I don’t have class until Monday, but bad because the GRE is getting closer and closer. I’d definitely be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous for it! June is going to be a … Continue reading I’m Setting Boundaries