My Realization

Over the weekend, God blessed me with the opportunity to be a Eucharistic Minister at my church. Many of you know that I’m trying to strengthen my relationship with God, so I took this as a way to do so. I’ve been Catholic my entire life and have received the Eucharist nearly every Sunday since … Continue reading My Realization

Why I Get Irritated

It’s official. My last summer as an undergraduate ends this weekend! What a weird feeling. After three years, I’m embarking on my final two semesters before beginning a completely different chapter of life. Looking back, I never would have thought I’d be where I am today. It’s funny how it goes...your plan probably isn’t what … Continue reading Why I Get Irritated

What’s Your Love Language? Quiz!

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that my goal is to get a PhD in Social Psychology with a focus on motivation. One of the key factors of motivation that I'm interested in is personality, specifically how different aspects of it affect one's drive and ability to achieve goals. So when I came … Continue reading What’s Your Love Language? Quiz!